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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  January 18, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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one right now with a ten year bond yield dropping so dividend stocks are a great look see. >> emac and mike like this. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. keep it right her the number one business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." the terrorist next door, we stopped this guy but guess what the president obama administration saying your neighbor's kid can train with terrorists, keep his citizenship and come back. time for the white house to wake up before new york l.a. or dallas look like paris. plus, get ready to get hosed at the pump while gas prices fall and lawmakers want to reach into your pocket for a bigger gas tax. and then. >> we're still paying for it. so is it really free, then? >> the president's free college plan dents asking if it's really free. with he do the math, you decide.
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"cashin' in" class in session starts right now. hi everyone i'm eric bolling. our "cashin' in" crew, wayne rogers jonathan row lick. come and go as you please. you heard the white house saying their attitude toward americans hog overvaes to train with terrorists and allowed to come back. there are growing calls to revoked the citizenship much anyone who does this. michelle, we saw it happen in france, why take a chance here. >> i have no idea. look, if there is proof that someone has gone and joined isis, not only should we revoked their citizenship we should revoked their right to live. these are people who are going and joining an organization that wants to destroy our country and kill innocent americans. this is a serious issue as many as 40 people from minneapolis alone have gone to join isis. if you go and you join our enemy, well, you've basically renounced your citizenship. >> john you agree with this
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one? we also need to point out that the law says because isis or al qaeda is not a foreign state they don't have state hood had they been a foreign state you could go ahead and arrest them and pull the citizenship on these kids who try them. >> eric,technicalities. imagine if it was 1940 and american went to germany to meet with the naz yees. oh, no, they weren't the extreme ones, i mean, come on. citizens who support the enemy have no rights. if you help support, finance, you know jihad in any way, you are the enemy and i think need to be destroyed. but the truth is it's all a red herring. homeland security won't keep us safe, it just costs a lot of money not only in lost business but how about all the pun that's spent trying to track down these lone wolves, go after the mother she had, social media in the middle east. >> one of the most annoying parts of this debate that's gone on this whole week was the response from the state
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department. marie harp had a very nonchalant like, yeah, okay they can come back instead of saying this is a problem, we're addressing and trying to fix the problem. >> yeah, well, i think you're right, there is a technicality in the language that needs to be addressed and they need to get on that. i mean, we see this all the time in bureaucracies unfortunately, but it is you know, an important thing. when you're at the state department there is a huge difference there. i think let's address it and move on and also look at the ways -- i mean, when we talk about this homegrown terrorism there's so many different things these people are being trained on the internet. we need to be able to say there's 40 of them, yeah let's get on this and make sure that these people aren't coming back and forth unless they're being watched as jonathan sort of just said and in the same way that our agencies have gone after gang sters and the mob, they also use this all of our intelligence agencies to go after the big guys find out who these guys are meeting with if they are in yemen where they're going.
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>> we know who the big guys are. >> hold on. there's 2000 or 3,000 westerners that are right now in the fighter, have gone over and become jihadists. we have to be very, very careful who we let come back here. we can't even track a gun sale going across the poured in fast and furious, how are we going to track hundreds of jihadistseed is? >> it's not just the terrorists that we know about, it's the terrorists that we don't know about. by the way our southern border is a -- is just a sieve. we're letting in thousands of people down there the president is saying we're not going to ex port these people back. we don't know who these people are, we have no idea, whether they're -- what their origin is or anything. so we've got to close down the borders, we've got to stop -- revoked passports and you have -- and you have to identify these people and keep them out. >> all right john. >> well eric, it's the sole idea of do you win a war by targeting individual people? no, you do it by destroying the
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enemy, destroying their spirit waip, trap the southern border they'll come in through the northern border. we could end the threat of militant islam in three weeks but at least what france has done name the enemy. maybe we should declare war on the enemy. that's how you win a war. >> president obama doesn't want to. he doesn't want to call it what it is. >> you do not do it by declaring war. you don't do it by declaring war, that's just words, you've got to do something. it's not just the southern border, it's the southern border, northern bhorder all the borners. >> you're probably agreeing on this. hold on. michelle, is there a disconnect, something that john is alluding to forget naming the enemy, i understand that, we have to put the target on the enemy but is there a disconnect the way the obama administration is treating terrorism and jihadists and homegrown terrorists with what the american people are thinking? before you answer that i want to show a poll that just came out late this week, that says 76% of
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americans feel that it's the most -- terrorism is the most important thing going on and that exceeds the economy. did i say that right, guys is this i hope i said that right. in other words, terrorism has for the first time in a long time become more important on the american people's minds than the economy. >> yeah, well, people are living in fear right now and they realize that we have a president who doesn't treat the issue as importantly and isn't really thinking of it as a big issue. he would have sent someone, he would have gone to france he didn't even kwar. that shows what his priorities are. it's not a big issue. this is a huge issue. it's also a huge issue in terms of our allies. if someone has a passport and is a citizen and traveling to our allied countries and do something bad, that affects us and it affects the stability of the world. >> jess do you want to comment on that, now for the first time -- war we doing wrong in this country where for the first time in a long time terrorism is the in number one thing on people's minds? >> i mean, i don't think we're
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doing anything wrong, i think people are wake up and really becoming aware more deeply and again of the ongoing situation we've had since september 11th of 2001. this has not gone away we fought a war over there, tried to bring our troops back, but we are still dealing with an issue now -- >> we had a president at that time who took this seriously. >> i would tend to agree with michelle there. we had an administration that sound like they were tough on terror, they didn't want to say we won the war on terror -- >> but the president doesn't have any control -- >> we have to wrap it up. >> it's not making up to something since 2001, it's waking up to something since 1979 that is the threat of militant islam. i see people waking up on twitter, facebook, i don't see them waking up in the white house and that's government's job. keep us safe and the tact that the poll represents that people aren't keeping us safe -- >> it's the aloof attitude that
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is absolutely dangerous to americans. you may be hearing about the "cashin' in" social media phenomenon, our twitter and facebook following is growing at an incredible rate and people are taking notice. check this out last week "cashin' in" made way for the breaking news for paris but we took the debate to twitter and facebook. our "cashin' in" hashtag quadrupled our competitors. and, remember, we weren't even on the air. so join us online right now and watch. i just tweeted this, retweet that and guess what. coming up enjoy lower gas prices while you can a growing number of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are fueling calls for a new d.c. money grab.
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...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. nonchalant . republicans and democrats don't agree on much, but it seems both parties are looking to wash in on lower gas prices. yep, they're considering raising the gas tax as prices tank. wayne, the one place americans are saving money and they want to shake them down in d.c. again. >> well, i think that's okay, eric, as long as it's a small raise. here is what can happen, you can be very specific as to how that money -- >> hold on. wait. i know you wait when people cut
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you off, but your definition of small may mean something dpleel different to someone who's struggling to make ends meet in middle america even a penny a gallon might be too much for them. >> i need an opportunity to explain it and i can. when i say small, if you tie it to a specific thing, in other words, most of the taxes that we pay now for the gasoline tax if they went exactly for what they're supposed to do meaning they are road construction, they don't want g. to rapid transit or these alternative things, you would have plenty of money to do that, you could do it with a small rate and the reason i'm saying that is because you want to combine this with the xl pipeline so that the president is forced to if he has to he's going to veto both of them. if you put those two things together, that's a legislative way to do it. >> arks, democrats are so concerned with the middle class well, to your point that crushes this them foreman anyone. do you know how hard it is to save $100, $1,000 in today's
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economy? the irony is that the same oil companies whose productivity has brought down the cost of oil you remember the ones that congress lamb based way back in 2008 or '9 now it's congress who's increasing the cost of gas, congress whose making people's wallets lighter. where are the hearings for them? >> do you know when it's the worst, then they don't even understand what they're talking about. nancy pelosi trying to explain why she thinks the gas tax is okay. listen. >> i do think that if there's ever going to be an opportunity to raise the gas tax, a time when gas prices are so low oil prices are so low is the time to do it. >> does she even realize that lower gas prices are good for demand, good for gasoline demand which would sell more gallons and increase the tax revenue to the government? jess, what is she talking about? the minute prices go down for people they've got tear hands in your pocket. >> well this is really -- i
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mean i think more complex situation because we do have a highway trust fund that is funded by our gas tax. so there is a way here, i mean the oil companies are really the ones making out like band its here and why don't we then if they're making for profits they're getting so many corporate tax breaks that that approximate money is not coming back -- >> it's the same thing -- >> okay. so let's say -- so they're making -- >> oil was at $100 a barrel. >> prices have nothing do do with it. >> what about can you get -- >> guys i have i've got to get michelle in here. michelle, your thoughts on raising the gas tax because prices are cheap for gas right now. >> this may seem like a little tiny tax for wayne and nancy pelosi but for most americans -- >> don't equate me with nancy pelosi. you can't do that. >> go ahead. >> this is a lot of money and
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this is a regress sieve tax it hurts the poor people who need a tank to drive or work or pick up groceries. i thought the stimulus money that president obama got was to if i can infrastructure, but they say they feed this money to fix the roads and infrastructure in america. they cut from somewhere in their budget and they use that money for something that they need. >> like a billion and a half -- >> there's a highway trust fund here. that's not -- >> hold on. we have another heated debate coming up in the c block and wayne i would never compare you to nancy pelosi ever again. fall brought from the president's free kblej plan, critics sko rg it a big fat f.
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anhqdc in just a few minutes. hope to see you then. i think that is a great idea, it's very long overdue. >> i definitely support the idea of education for all people. >> i think for the right people it makes sense for them to be able to have like a free college fund. >> everyone deserves an education, everyone deserves that equal opportunity. >> who do i think is going to pay for it? is it the state? >> i guess it would have to be gunned via taxpayers. >> i guess we're still paying for it? so is it really free then? >> very good. college students and kbrads sounding oven the president's free's new plan to make community college free for
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students who's stuck footing the $60 billion bill? >> what grade are you giving this handout. >> sark, the first day of any high school high school economics class that he seech you there is no such thing as a free lunch. unless you live in a slave society where teachers are forced to serve someone has to pay and once again it's the u.s. taxpayer having their pockets picked. >> michelle, besides the fact that they will eventually take care of us from cradle to the grave, through cradle through probably community college my biggest concern here is liberal academia. will the liberals push for a national curriculum all the way through community college? >> of course. look, this is a terrible idea, like jonathan said, nothing is free. if americans want a free education, want to go to college for free, well, join the military. we have that. if you want a free college serve our country and we will give you college in exchange. i also want to apologize to wayne for what i said in the
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last segment comparing him to nancy pelosi, wayne you're pretty than nancy. i'm sorry. >> jessica, let's stay on this for a second here. why does the president come out and sell this thing that's free mean while it's going to cost us $60 billion over the next ten years. >> because the students themselves are the ones for two years in coordination with states there's this very broad and comprehensive program that they're putting forth that would help people who need help in terms of the economy going forward. it's an investment in our future and in the american worker and people who are here as citizens. you can make the same argument which people did back when they tried to make public education and high school, which i know -- >> but the problem with community college isn't access. >> look how well that's worked out. >> there is a problem with access to community college. >> no, there isn't. >> a couple weeks ago we were talking how there's such low rates of graduation community college and this is something they're addressing --
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>> hold on guys. hold on. you guys are touching on something very important. wayne, when something is free you tend not the to care about it as much as if you worked hard, earned the money and had to pay for it. my point is will a free college tuition makes she is kids not work as hard? >> i don't think it's a question of free as that. i think it's a question of use. you can't turn out art history majors if the need in the economy is for auto mechanics. in other words, you can sponsor those kind of programs where the education, the tax funded education, is tied to job creation and a job. then they make -- >> eric -- this program -- >> giving them something free destroys their self-esteem eric destroys their sense that they can achieve in the world. >> it's the same theory as giving a handout on welfare, same thing as handout on unemployment insurance. coming up, wake up america, my message to the liberal left as we fight islamic
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in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa
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is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. . all right. i want to say thanks to our "cashin' in" crew for joining us. you can head over to "cashin' in" to see john and wayne's stock picks. also, we want to say welcome back to our dish customers, great to have you back on board. all right. time to wake up, america. what the heck is going on with the liberal left and it's absolute refusal to step up to the plate and fight islamic
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extremism in america? a 20-year-old american kid who declared himself muslim self cad cliezed, planned to kill lawmakers as they ran out of the capitol building. the obama administration released five gitmo detainees some to oman, no, they probably won't walk across the shared border and join the flight. and nancy pelosi put up congressman andre carson to the house committee. he's a former cop, muslim and democrat. fair enough. but we did a little digging and check it out, andre carson spoke of the islamic circle the north america. while addressing education he said this. >> america will never tap into educational invasion and engine outy without looking at the model that we have in our
9:59 am
schools wherein vags is encouraged, where the foundation is the koran. >> moments later while addressing the idea that law enforcement was keeping a vigil eye on that conference, mr. carson stated this. >> a law will not allow you to stop us. >> well, after being called out on it carson said he wasn't abdicating for american schools to teach islamic principles but islamic teaching methods. mr. carson, if the foundation is the koran part i have a little bit of problem with. before your blood pressure explodes, we fight for the constitution every week here and the very first rights the founders protected were the right to religious freedom and free speech, both rights mr. carson exercised mr., but i question whether the liberal prog sifs are going too far. i sure hope this grand experiment of liberal tolerance and political correctness works out because if it fails we're screwed. the far left is trying to reshape america and i for one like it just the way it is.
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